Saturday, May 5, 2012

That's what she said!

Overheard conversations...aren't they just doozies sometimes?  As I sat at a coffee shop this afternoon three ladies chatted at the adjacent table.  I think when I was young my dad called such groups of women a "cackle crowd".  As it's a coffee shop I've frequented with girlfriends I always think of it as a place of celebration, of acknowledging each other's accomplishments, beauty, and, of course, struggles.  So I felt a certain "Huh?  Wha?" when I heard them celebrating the fact that one of their "friends" had gotten FAT and then talking about "dirty hippies" in reference to something.  Made me want to go hang out with whoever the fat chick was and, gosh, if she's also a dirty hippie...all the better! 

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