Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walk this Way

Got a call from the little guy this afternoon.  I figured I'd answer the call today since I silenced his call yesterday.  Gotta be a decent mom at least 50% of the time, right?

Little guy:  "Mom, will you come pick me up?"

Let me interrupt here to say that the school bus drops him off three blocks from where we live.  Three.

Me:  "No, walk."

Little guy:  "But I'm all stressed out!"

Me:  "Why?  "What's happened?"

Little guy:  "It was the bus ride home."

Me:  "What?  What happened?"

Little guy:  "I'm traumatized!!  The bus got stuck going up the hill to our house."

OK, let me interrupt here again to say that yes, the bus does go directly by our house and yes, it is a big fat drag for him that he's not dropped directly at our door.  Secretly, I'm happy he has to walk a bit.  You know, because I want him fit and healthy and all.  And the hill...yes, it's hilly, but they did make it to the top just fine.

Me:  remaining completely silent...for a while.

Little guy:  "OK, I'm not 'traumatized'."

Me:  "Walk home."

Little guy:  "OK.  You're mean."

I'd say he called just to be annoying, but I know the wonderful person inside that kiddo knew I needed something to blog about and happily he delivered me this.  What a great kiddo...always putting his mom's needs first.

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