Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sock Sorting

We spent over $80 on socks tonight!  Egad zookers, right?  Nothing fancy or anything.  Just athletic socks for each member of our family.  We basically did a "redo" for all of us.  You see, what with Hazel and her dirty sock fetish (I include the words "dirty sock fetish" for the individual who searched on said words and found a previous post of mine...course I want such a person to find my blog again, right?), the typical dryer sock thief, and the general holiness of our wee little pedi outfits, it was time.

Now, with the boys (and I'm including Dave here) all wearing the same size socks these days, laundry sorting is a bit of a nightmare unless you can remember the specific type of sock each person prefers.

Dave = slightly over the ankle, or at the ankle, depending on his preference at the time of shopping (this time it was slightly over).

Little guy = longer socks, but not too long, but not too short either.

Big guy = so short they slink down below the back of the shoe, rendering them invisible.

Me = mine are about like big guy's only smaller (but, believe it or not, I'm constantly finding my little socks in the rest of my family's sock drawers...yeesh!).

Anyway, as soon as we got home I got a Sharpie out and labeled everyone's socks with their first initial.  Yes, just like your parents did for you when you were in pre-school.  Here's to easy, breezy, coconut squeezy laundry sorting from now on.

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