Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hair Loss

Today a package from Lego arrived in the mail.  It's just a prelude to the robot kit little guy has coming (all part of our "keep him busy" summer plan).  Inside today's package were the parts to make a cute little Incredible Hulk.  And, as growly as its face is, its tininess inevitably makes it adorable.  So, little guy was proudly showing it to me.  I cradled it carefully in my hands, turned it all around, moved its movable parts, and then my little dude decided to do my number one pet peeve these days.  Yes, he gave me a raspberry on my arm.  The perfect storm of moisture, vibration, and cooties.  Ugh!  So, of course a wrestling match ensued.  When we were done (I won, the raspberries stopped...for now, anyway), we looked at the little Hulk.  His black locks were gone!  He was as bald as a Kojak! 

Little guy:  "Mom, you ruined it."

Me:  Visibly rolling my eyes, not hiding that fact. "Let's look for it."

We trace the path of our wrestling match, all through the kitchen and out the carport door, all the while scanning the ground.

Me:  "Hair it is."

Little guy:  "Where?"

Me:  Pointing to a spot right outside the door.  "Right hair."

Little guy:  "You're not funny, mom."

Me:  "Yes, I am."

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