Monday, May 28, 2012

Seeing Red

I fell in love with cows in Austria when I was 15.  I was able to spend a considerable part of one afternoon just gazing into this particular cow's eyes while it allowed me to pet it gently.  They are the sweetest, most gentle creatures with eyelashes that go from here to the moon.  They're amazing and spectacular.  Now, I haven't had up-close experiences with a cow since (not even to eat one...except for twice about 10 years ago when I was having a mid-life food crisis confusion thing...I got over it).  My only contact these days with cattle are when I'm on a rocket recovery mission for my dad or my big guy.  I have to go over a lot of barbed wire fences and am always on the lookout for cows with possible anger issues.

Well, Dave had an opportunity to go hang out with cows, himself, lately.  Now, that guy, he can think ahead!  He started getting dressed, put on some shorts, socks, shoes, a red T-shirt and checked out his ensemble in the mirror.

Dave:  "Uh-oh."  He pulled the shirt off.

Me:  "What?"

Dave:  "Bulls attack red!"

Me:  "Oh...."

Dave:  "I'm going in saying 'I surrender!'" as he pulled on a white T-shirt.

Yup, my guy, smart and good lookin'!  And I'm wearing white shirts from now on to all rocket launches.

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