Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Eclipse?

The little guy who lives next door just rang our doorbell...not to ask if he could hang out and play, nope.  He came over to let me know that there was going to be a solar eclipse.  Love that kid!  Now, I already knew about the eclipse, but seeing him all excited about it, excited enough to inform his neighbors, made me remember a particular solar eclipse that happened when I was in sixth grade.

Now, that morning I had been given the gift of a lifetime.  Something I had been begging for.  Simply the coolest thing EVER!  You guessed it, it was a white digital watch with red LCD (or whatever it was back then) lines that created the numbers.  It was the coolest...I was the bees knees! 

So, when it was time for the eclipse, the entire school went out to the parking lot, each child holding a something we'd created  to view it safely, probably the pin hole in paper method.  I don't recall exactly as I was quite and justifiably distracted.  The moon started to pass in front of the sun, everyone gazed at the awesomeness their paper viewers beheld.  "Ooooh!  Aaaaaah!"

Ya, me?  Well, I could tell you what time it happened, that's useful info, right?

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