Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mindless Behavior

So, tonight, Dave and little guy were talking about something I can't blog about.  It's not important to the story, anyway, though it would decidedly liven up your evening.

Dave:  "Hey, your mom doesn't mind."

Dave thinking a bit about what he just said as he looked at me and I returned his gaze over my glasses all defiant and all...you know, like always.  Little guy looking back and forth between the two of us, slight look of disgust spreading to the corners of his mouth.

Dave:  "Actually, you mom doesn't mind at all...ever."  <snarky smile>

Me:  "Yeah, I don't mind anybody!"  <snarky smile back>

Nicholas leaving the room, and tossing a "You're both total weirdos" look over his shoulder, because his parents are, well, weird.  Lucky little guy!

Ya...my family rocks!

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