Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sup, bloods?

Had my official "last" visit to my hematologist today.  HUGE shout out to my awesome husband, Dave, who has been my #1 support during all two years of this silly blood clot business.

Anyway, I forgot to tell the family that I wasn't coming home right after work today because I had my appointment.  I texted them, of course, because who wants to have to call three people to tell them all the same thing, right?

Our text conversation.

Me:  "At the clot doctor.  FYI"

David:  "Don't you mean 'clotctor'?"

Me:  "Why yes I do!"
David:  "You can use that."

Me:  "Count on it."

Big guy:  "OK, y r u there?"  (He's fluent in texting lingo, of course.)

Me:  "Test results."

Meanwhile, as the clotctor came in to talk to me, my little guy calls.  I silence the call and got this lovely message after my appointment.

Little guy:  "Hey,'re really mean for not answering the phone...I know you're at some like doctor's office and I just realized that but...never mind...bye."  (He's fluent in Valley Girl lingo, of course.)

I'm just hopping up and down all excited because everyone in my family responded to me!  Woo hoo!  Well, that and, hey, ain't nuthin' wrong with this girl's blood or genetics (except for all that odd quirky stuff that only bothers other people but doesn't bug me, of course).

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  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy and relieved. Enjoy the day, as always, rich with blessings. And there is no such thing as a little blessing -- like miracles they are all the same. I love you!!