Monday, October 3, 2011


So, I'm growing out my bangs. Actually, it's taking up most of my spare time these days. As I lack basic girliness skills, I have utterly no idea what to do with the mess gracing my forehead these days. This evening I tried a cute bobby pin clip to hold them back. After making dinner and then a HUGE batch of cookies, Dave asks me about my new "hair style", his forehead crinkled, nose squinched, lip clearly revealing repulsion.

"What?" I ask, "I thought it was cute." I walk over to the mirror to see what what so ghastly, and, ugh! Yeah, really, really bad. I looked straight-up crazy, my pigtails cockeyed, bangs rebelling, escaping the clip in frizzy tufts. My look "improved" by my use of reading glasses to more clearly examine my reflection. Hmmmm...Halloween costume idea is starting to form as tickles in the back of my mind. I tuck some of the loose strands back in the clip and reassure Dave that, "THIS is what I meant to have it look like." He nods, a little nervous, face askew, and walks away.

Me? I'm beaming on the inside...and fully aware that come morning I'll experiment with some hair do-dad, and will, once again, never make it out of the house with it in. Instead I'll opt for the same bangs-covering-my-eyes look I embraced in high school.

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