Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweeten the Kitty

You know by now we're bonkers over our dog, Scout. But, we're also head-over-heels, madly in love with our orange tabby, Pug. We have this crazy habit of using him as a pillow, and he has this wacky tolerance of just letting us do it. I've been doing some experimenting with him. If you lay your head on him (full weight), he starts purring. It's soft at first and then he starts revving his motor up. When I add scratching his purr accelerates. If I scratch in two spots he starts a cooing sound, like a dove, along with his purring. If I scratch in two spots, one being his chest and the other being the spot just above his tail, he adds a third sound taking on an amazing didgeridoo-like composition. Now, if you keep going he's likely to explode in a tail-twiching, claw-swatting frenzy. But, if you're patient, and give him consistent breaks, you can play that wacky cat like, I dunno, maybe an accordion.  Maybe....

Oh, and I'm not sure what the furry little dude thought of this painting, visually, but he sure did love taking a nap on top of it. When I couldn't find it I thought I'd lost it!

Let's just say he found this image comfortable.

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