Friday, October 28, 2011

Too Many Balls in the Air

Went out to dinner tonight and the waiter guy did something that always has me nervous. He didn't write ANYTHING down when he was taking our order. And we did that confusing thing, asking lots of questions during our order, adding things, talking over each other (OK, actually it was me talking over Dave, I'm always the interrupter). The waiter walked away, seemingly confident, but as always when this happens, I couldn't relax while I waited to see what totally "opposite day" order was going to be placed in front of me. I did a really bad job of small talk, casting frequent glances in the direction of the waiter.

Me? I can't make it to the refrigerator and know why I'm there. I find myself in the laundry room only to remember that I really wanted some yogurt. I have to write down why I'm going to the school office so I don't end up just turning around and heading back to my room empty-handed (Man, when I was in a portable I wasted SO much time because of this...long walk there and back and then back again when I figured it out).

Well, happy ending. Our orders were perfect, of course. I'm thinking that next time, just for my sanity, I'll write our orders down and give them to the waitperson. Yeah, then I can make some decent conversation while we wait.

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