Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bravery Shravery

Outside tonight watching my kid set a new personal best record for distance unicycling.  Yeah, he totally did it.  A neighbor (a young mother) came out and told me, "You're so brave as a mother!"

I manage to stop myself before I say, "Oh, you just wait."  But, I'm thinking, "Me?  The brave one?"  I mean really, gosh, I'm just going on the crazy ride with my kid.  HE's the brave one.  He's had five broken bones (enough to justify this crafty mom making a mobile out of his cast collection...it is now proudly hanging in his bedroom) and I think, at last count, eight visits to the E.R.  And this doesn't count all the free visits to the E.R. Doc who lives across the street.  Let's just take a moment to be thankful for his home shopping decision!

No, I'm not brave, I'm just seriously broken in.  There's hardly anything my kid can do that will make me gasp with worry or fear.  It's serious fun watching him do it to other people, though.

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