Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Puff or not to Puff

I've had one of those days where you feel slightly puny, figure you might as well eat all day so your body has fuel to fight whatever is ailin' ya, and then you just end up feeling puny AND puffy. Sigh...

My dog, Scout, is the best friend you could ever have on a sicky day. She's totally available for any snuggling needs that might come up. When she's not taking care of us, she's totally devoted to this wacky little blue octopus (we should really call it a quintopus as she's lovingly gnawed off three of its tentacles). After I puffified myself today, we decided that Scout was too puffy, too. Yup, time to shave the poodle. She is freakishly cooperative, "Sit...Down...Bang!" Dead poodle on the kitchen floor ready for a trim. I shaved half of her and then tagged Dave to do the rest.

"Give her a mohawk!" my kid declares...a little too late.  Maybe next time.

For now, I'll enjoy watching her blissfully run around the house like a little kid who just got out of the bath.  "I'm nakey, I'm nakey, woo hoooooo!!"

"before"...go with it, pretend with me, OK?


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