Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yeah, I'm Nuts

I really do wait patiently during the day for something funny or strange or simply amazing to happen so I can write about it. Well something did happen today, but one of my children, who shall remain nameless, has forbidden me from blogging or facebooking about it. They threatened to hack into my account (not hard as I'm always logged in) and do some "damage". Well, since that has only happened once before...something along the lines of "My mom is pooping and it stinks!", and you must know I was horribly devastated by that...I of course do not want a repeat. So, the story must go untold. Sigh....

But, every time I think about what I should write about, peanut butter pops into my head! Yeah, I dunno.  It's not the nasty sugary Jif or Peter Pan kind, no way. And not even the smooth natural kind. Nope, it's the NUTTY natural kind. You know, the kind you have to laboriously stir when you first open it to mix the oil in and then you have to keep it in the fridge. Well, I'm obsessed with nutty peanut butter these days. I had two heaping spoonfuls today and, let me tell you, I took way too much pleasure in it. I've actually been making wacky deals with myself. "First do that load of dishes, then nutty peanut butter." "First hang this load of laundry on the line, then nutty peanut butter."  "First clean the ceiling fans, then nutty peanut butter."  I am so on it! Those two spoonfuls got us a pretty clean house today! :-)

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