Monday, October 17, 2011

Drivers Ed

My big guy started drivers education tonight.  For him it's not been a priority at all.  He's been 16 for five months so we figured it was finally time (actually, I have to give full credit Dave for this).

I totally remember drivers ed.  It was wacky because I was a young 15 year old, having to get my license ASAP because both of my grandmothers were very ill and potentially dieing.  My parents thought they'd have to both travel to Ohio/California and that would leave me and my brother responsible for ourselves.  Would've been OK except that I wasn't going to the high school that was half a block from our house, no, I was going to a private school across town.  Hence the need for me to be able to drive myself.  In retrospect I feel a little guilty that I don't remember my grandmothers being ill at all.  I guess the fact that I was going to get a hardship license overwhelmed all else.  What can I say?  A 15 year old has priorities!

Aside from the fact that the creepy teacher convinced me that he "needed" to rest his hand on my right thigh as I drove so he could feel how much tension I was putting on the pedals, it was perfect.

Oh, and both my grandmothers recovered and were with us for years after.

Best wishes to my big dude for many, many, many years of safe driving!!!

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  1. Saw this on Facebook Art Friday's...very cute artwork!