Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lookin' Good!

I kind of love a rite of passage that doesn't involve me directly.  I get to sit back and simply take pleasure in the whole thing.  Little guy is on the football team at school and they're supposed to look rather spiffy tomorrow because it's homecoming.  So, Dave's been giving him tie tying lessons.  It's been a "help me"/"get away" experience.  And it's been really freakin' funny.  After a training session, Dave gave him a couple minute break to work on it and then went back in to help.  "Let's see if he's managed to choke himself with it yet," as he breezed by me.  Luckily little guy's a quick study and had it figured out.  And, gosh, as much as I don't like the button down/tie look, I have to say he's devilishly handsome!

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