Thursday, October 6, 2011

Man Cave Envy

I have some serious Man Cave envy going tonight. We've got one here, and, admittedly, it also serves as Dave's office, but it's so fine! I go there every time I need to scan my paintings and I just don't want to leave. It's not plush, by any means, but it's SO quiet, the hum of the A/C is gently soothing, the chair is really comfy, and, best of all, the only hormones in the joint are mine. Sometimes I sit out there extra long and wonder when someone might notice. Yeah, no one ends up missing me, but they do notice they're hungry which cues them to go lookin' for mama.

So, yes, it's fabulous out there, but if I had my druthers, I really I think I'd rather have a Woman Table. I like being in the middle of the action. I like to have my stuff all spread out. Mostly I'd love to leave my projects out when I'm in the middle of them. I kind of even like being available if someone needs me...kind of.

A girl can dream....

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