Sunday, October 9, 2011

You say frog, I jump!

So I get a text this morning from one of my favorite people on this planet (and I'm super lucky that she's my neighbor, too!).

"Do you have a cookie for me?"

I'm thinking, "Well, you know me, of course I do!"

So I text her back, "You betcha! I'll be right over."

I load up a plate with cookies and head right over, excited to hang out with this awesome lady. I knock on the front door and wait...nothing. I go around back and knock and wait...nothing. I open the door and announce that I'm there...nothing. I leave the cookies on her drier, pet her lovely dog on the head, and go back home. Hmmmmmmm.

As I'm walking across the street I attempt to text her back. My steps are halting because I, most definitely, cannot walk and text at the same time. Not a chance!

"They're on your drier." I finally get typed in the phone and press send.

I talk to Dave about how interesting it was that she hadn't come to the door, ah well.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!" I go to our door and it's my lovely friend!

OK, scoop...she had texted me by mistake. She had meant to text someone else with a "K" name. Being me, and, especially being over-40-with-vision-issues me, I get it. I am the queen of sending texts to the wrong recipients.

So, anyway, now everyone knows that if they request cookies, I jump into action! Starting a new batch right now. Text me while they're hot!

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