Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Disturbance in the Force

The carts at IKEA kind of freak me out. There's something about the wheel action that always makes me feel like I'm drifting around the store, holding tightly to the bar, fighting for control, never quite able to get it. And, gee, everyone else pushing those carts around looks calm and composed. Must be a personal issue.

Most days I'm able to keep my dumb blondness in check, but I think the IKEA carts cause a disturbance in the force. I consider myself to be of average intelligence, certainly bright enough, able to problem solve on the fly, but yeesh, those blond roots, when my brain's force field is compromised, will tangle and intertwine with the gray matter, their grip tight. As I worked my way around the store I almost ran in to an older gentleman with a walker, I texted a friend when I meant to text my husband, I accidentally put my phone in the back of my car when I was unloading stuff...and proceeded to have a mini-Kali-style freakout about "losing my phone"...drove all the way back around and through the parking lot (IKEA does not make that easy) to check the crazy-evil cart I had used to see if I had left it in there, then found it in my car and worked my way out to the highway again. Somewhere in all that I dumped the contents of my purse out on the passenger seat in a way I remember seeing my mom do a lot when she was searching for something.  Oy, messy!

The further I got from IKEA and their wacky carts, the disturbance in the force abated, the dumb blond roots loosened their grip. Whew!

Luckily the effects had totally worn off by the time I arrived at a friend's housewarming party...they had no idea what chaos they had narrowly escaped.

I painted this for my friend's game closet in her brand new home...
the most amazingly organized game closet ever!

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