Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Junk" in my Trunk

Watching, well sort of watching (to the best of my ability), my kid's football game, sitting most comfortably in a stadium chair I picked up from my neighbors' curb. Lucky for me I pass their house pretty much every day and usually more than once. They put out anything and everything out there and I'm all about snatching it up. Our outdoor furniture, lamps, some boots, a treadmill, and much, much's all mine now! They're on to me, though. A couple of weeks ago they actually drove over and knocked on our door to give us stuff directly! Major score, too, as it was two beautiful antique tables and four matching chairs. We LOVE their hand-me-downs and as long as they're putting stuff out on the curb, I refuse to grow up and completely provide for myself.

And, gosh, I'm getting positively tingly about the upcoming bulky pickup. South Austin Swap Meet bliss! We can all put out on the curb stuff that didn't work out from last time's.

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