Friday, October 21, 2011

I'da thought you'd hear me coming!

So I've had my Prius since 2007. I love it, by the way. I average over 45 mpg in the city, consistently. And, yes, I'm the annoying Prius driver who drives exactly the speed limit and totally can't get why you feel the need to zoom around me and flip me off as you pass, speeding I must add. Sigh.... Anyway, I'm not writing to brag about my car or complain about any other driver.

This morning I was driving at 6:30 to take my kid to football practice. I was taking a different route that Dave had recommended, one that should help me avoid sitting at red lights (you know, the kind you sit at forever and there is no traffic on the other street so no point in waiting and waiting). Well, in my four years of Prius ownership I've NEVER had a problem with its Prius-ness...until today. I'm driving down one of our sweet neighborhood streets and come upon a man relieving himself in a yard, and he was facing my way! Ay yi yi!!! Now I get why the Prius is a gang members first choice for a silent drive by. Maybe people really can't hear you coming. This guy sure didn't.

I looked over at my kid and wondered aloud, "Did you just see what I saw?!?!"

[heavy breathing] The kind you have when you're deep in sleep and you've fully covered yourself with the plaid blanket that your mom so nicely heated in the drier before you left the house.

Whew! Glad that was for my eyes only. OK, maybe "glad" isn't exactly the right word.

Oh, and I did not have to sit at one single red light the entire way! That part made me woo hoo happy!

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