Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tail Waggin' Good!

Went to my dad's house today. As we were going around the last turn we saw a young deer. It was playfully dragging an oak tree know, just for fun. A squirrel ran by and the fawn walked over to it and put its nose right to the squirrel's nose. I expected some Disney music to start playing! The fawn crossed the street in front of us and scampered up the hill that borders my dad's place. As we drove up the steep driveway, a dark brown, almost black, deer stood at the top and watched us. She slowly walked to the yard and the little fawn scampered up to her and aggressively started nursing. That little deer was SO EXCITED! I didn't know deer wagged their tails, but this little one's was wagging furiously! Reminded me of the excitement my own little nurslings displayed when they latched on after waiting (not so patiently). They didn't have tails to wag, obviously, but they wiggled their arms and legs, made the most hilariously lovely sounds of gratitude, and were clearly beside themselves with glee. There's nothing better.

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