Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Bite Sized Dream

In for my monthly blood draw today. Tourniquet on, light tapping of the veins, huge smile spreading across the phlebotomist's face.

"You have great veins," she said. I swear I thought she was going to start drooling, and growing fangs. "Sometimes I have to just look and look and look (and dig?!?!) and never find a vein," she continued. I cringe a little. "Yours are just right there," touching my vein again.

"Uh, thanks...I work out." Seriously, I said that. I mean really, what are you supposed to say when someone compliments your veins?

She pulled the tubes out and the butterfly needle thingie and lay them on the counter. Gloves on, one more vein tap, just for fun I suppose, as it was clearly totally popped out. She picked up the needle, I closed my eyes, and...

...and I'm Sookie Stackouse, hangin' with the lovely Eric Northman, and he was
quite hungry, of course, and...

"Snap" the tourniquet was pulled off. I take over holding the gauze and she wraps blue tape around my arm.

"Have a great day!" she says as I get up.

"You, too! Thanks!" I walk out the lab door.

I'm really glad I was a phlebotomist's dream patient. Kind of made my day.

As for my dream, I'll pick up where I left off during next month's draw.

Hey, a girl's gotta make a funky situation positive, right?

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