Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's that you say?

Sat behind a woman at my kid's football game tonight.  She had her hair in a braid down the back and her ears poked out really, really, really far!  "You go, girl" I thought, as only someone with the same issue can do.

Well, half the issue, to be totally honest.  Me?  I'm asymmetrical...go figure.  My parents were always aware of my lopsided issue.  They even considered having my left ear surgically tacked back.  I'm quite sure that waiting for my hair to grow in over my ears (almost three long years!) caused them much undue stress.  Once my hair grew in, the secret was forever they thought.

In high school I started cutting my hair incrementally shorter and shorter and shorter until ZOOIIINNNNGGGGG!  Out popped my wacky left ear!  Who knew (aside from my parents of course)?!?!  Now, I'd had short hair as a kiddo, too, but upon looking back at photos, my left ear was always safely covered.  Even the god awful mullet that my mom gave me for much of my childhood kept it under wraps (you have to admit it was awful, right mom?).  Well, once you actually use clippers on your head and there's only a millimeter or so of hair there, there are no more secrets.  Every chicken pock, bump, and gash my head had ever endured was painfully obvious.  And that ear!  Yes, that ear.  Well, did I choose to keep it on the down low with a carefully placed bandanna?  No I did not.  I proceeded to get that left ear, my own personal satellite dish, pierced 9 more times (I had to do my own piercings...Piercing Pagoda in the mall was decidedly not interested).  The gold loops I wore in it were akin to skylights at a grand opening.

Now, all but 4 of my piercings have completely closed.  My hair is long and able to easily provide coverage.  But, I mostly wear my hair in pig tails, proudly showing that amazing receiver of sounds, large and small.  Check it out.  I think it's pretty awesome!

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