Sunday, May 19, 2013

And this is why I love grocery shopping!

I was in the checkout line this morning at the grocery story and as I was putting a salmon fillet on the conveyor I heard, "How do you cook your fish?"  He was in his late 60s, wearing the cutest little yamaka, smiling a most sparkly smile...yup, he was totally adorable.

I replied, "I usually just bake it."

And then he said, "Put a little olive oil on it, a squeeze of lemon, and some pepper...and then I'll come over and taste it."

And, you know, because I'm nice and friendly and all, I said, "Sure!  You're invited!"

And then I walked off with my paid-for groceries thinking, "Yup, indeed!  This girl's still got it!"

...and then right behind my parked car I found a dollar on the pavement.  Woo hoo!  I officially LOVE shopping!

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