Saturday, May 4, 2013

He was, like, totally annoying!

Went out for barbeque with some of the family today.  Ya, me...little old "no way will I eat that" me.

Me:  "I'd like the veggie plate, please."

Helpful guy:  "Which sides would you like?"

Me:  "The broccoli salad and the green salad."

Helpful guy:  "What kind of dressing?"

Me:  "Oh, um, like vinaigrette."

Helpful Annoying guy:  "You want vinaigrette or 'like' vinaigrette?"

Me:  "Vinaigrette."

Annoying guy:  "Do you want a drink with that or a 'like" drink with that."

Me:  "I brought my own water.  You're really annoying."  (It was safe to say, my food had already been plated up.)

Guy standing next to annoying guy:  "He is."

Me:  "Well, it had to be totally!"

What can I say, my friends, I'm, like, a product of the 80s and 90s.  I was, like, in California when "Valley Girl" came out.  It was, like, totally unavoidable!

Moral of this story?  Even vegetarians can't avoid a ribbing when they go to a barbecue joint.

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