Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feeling Sentimental

It seems to have rushed upon me.  I've known the end of the school year was coming, but with the realization that I only have 20 more school days with my students, I'm feeling a bit sentimental, I suppose.  I've said tons of times that I absolutely LOVE my job...seriously, it's the coolest gig out there, for me at least.

One of my favorite things I do with my students is create HUGE bulletin board murals with their work.  Recently my students did a farm one and I couldn't help but make my own version of it.  Course it pales in comparison to theirs...all bursting with their personalities, and many more critters wandering about...I can only dream of being as amazing an artist as they are.

Gonna miss hangin' with these little ones!

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