Friday, May 3, 2013

My Eyes...They Burn!

I try to always keep my cool.  When frustrated...when overwhelmingly excited...when embarrassed.  I'm not necessarily all that great at it, but I do try.  So, tonight when Dave and I were getting ice cream at a cute little shop tonight, and he started dancing to the music, pulling out all his "groovy" moves...well, I stood there, looking forward (not at him), and contemplated my flavor choices.  Hey, I was impressed with my self, I was doing great, calm, cool, and collected. 

Until...he pulled out his "best" moves.  I got all twitchy (not in a good way), lurched around just a bit, and found myself reflecting on what my little guy had said just the very night before when Dave was busting out some moves to the tunes of some TV commercial music.

Little guy:  "Aaaaaaa, my eyes!!!  They burn!!!!  This is why I have terrible vision!!!!"

And then Dave stopped.  As did my palpitations.  And all was well.  And, by golly, I held it together better than a teenager.  That gives me bragging rights, yes?

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