Thursday, May 9, 2013

Going Bananas...confessions of an OCDish chick

I am by no means organized.  You can tell by my art desk, my work desk, my bedside table, my closet, and on and on.  What saves me is that I'm pretty darn good at getting rid of stuff on a regular basis, so at least the areas rarely overflow with junk falling to the ground.  Funny thing is there are two things that I really, really do seem to like organized...things, it turns out, that don't matter at all to my family. 

The first thing is this.  I have an obsession with loading the dishwasher.  Getting the absolute most in the machine while still allowing it to be cleaned.  AND making sure that the silverware tray is organized by type.  Seriously this all just makes good sense.  Right?

The other thing is not so much of a make sense thing and likely crosses over to the OCD side of the equation.  You see, when I'm folding the kitchen towels they have to be folded in a certain way, in a certain direction, in a certain order.  They have to be!  It's when we're folding the laundry as a family and I find myself diving into the pile trying to get all of the towels so I can have control over how they end up that I realize I might just have a problem.

So, next time you stop by my house, check out the pile of towels that reside on a sweet little shelf in my kitchen.  If I didn't do it, it's chaos, and you can count on it driving me bananas on the inside.  If they're in a perfect pile, all folded the same way, laying in the same direction, and no towel of one color is directly on top of or below a towel of the same color, then you can assume that I did, indeed, manage to get all the towels that load.  You can also assume that I'm not going bananas.

...or maybe you can.

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