Monday, May 6, 2013

Eavesdropping Randomness

I like randomness...I really do.  And I was rewarded with some just this afternoon!  As I waited in a parking lot for my kid to be done with band sectionals, a guy pulled up beside me.  His windows were open.  So were mine.  His kid sat in the back seat.  Mine, well, didn't.

Anyway, after sitting side-by-side for about ten minutes he loudly burst out, "I just received an email about dog farts being stinky!" and before I could hear the rest of his bound-to-be-fascinating report a very loud group of middle school girls walked by.  Gosh, so much volume for such a small group, impressive really.

Sadly, the moment had passed and I was to hear no more about the email.

Course I could've just asked the guy to tell me what I missed.  After all, it would've certainly added a moment of randomness to his day.  My loss...and his....

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