Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Job

As you likely already know, I'm a teacher.  As you also likely know, I absolutely love my job...the amazing children, the progress they make, the challenge, and the fun!!  But, I'm sure, you also likely know, or at least assume, that summer break is a part of why I absolutely love my job.  The thing is, every year I kind of wonder if I should get a job during the summer.  You know, to make a little extra money and such.  My personal rule is that I don't work with children over the summer so I'm sure to be still taking a break so I'm super ready for the fall.  Lucky for me, during nine years of teaching I've never actually been legitimately employed during the summer except for a bit of cat sitting and plant watering.  Really both zen types of activities...awesome.

Well, as summer is once again (happily!) approaching, I find myself wondering if I should get a job over the next two-and-a-half months.  So, I brought it up with Dave.

Me:  "I heard about a job I could do over the summer to make some extra money."

Little guy:  (who I didn't even know was there listening)  "What about being my driver?!?!"

OK, so there ya go.  Sounds like I already have a summer job.  The little dude better tip well.

P.S.  Dave and I did really discuss it and, hooray, my job this summer is stay-at-home-artist-mom of two very independent children (aside from a ride here and there).  Woot!!

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