Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Audition

The little kid and I just got back from auditioning for a commercial.  Yup, a T.V. commercial.  Our task?  Well, it was to "be ourselves".  Knowing that going in was totally awesome.  I mean, really, how on earth can we fail at just being us, right?  So, in we went.  Me?  I was bubbly, spazzy, and totally talking with my hands (it's a wonder I didn't put someone's eye out).  Check!  That's me.  My little guy?  He was sweet, brainy, and totally adorable.  Check!  That's him. 

If either of us get chosen, we both say, "Great!"

If neither of us do, we walked outa there knowing we totally rocked at being us.

...and being us is a blast!

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