Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Salty Surprise

Met the funniest little critter tonight.  He kind of rather made my day!  So, a little about before I met this little fella.  I came home and set to diving into an avocado...yum!  I cut it in half, salted it a bit, and blissed out on every delicious bite.  Time passed and passed, Dave and I talked and talked, and then I began tidying up the kitchen, moving things here and there, really more of a shuffling than an actual cleaning, I suppose.  Well, I picked up the salt shaker and noticed something in it.  Something brown.  Something decidedly not one of the pieces of rice I'd put in there a while back.  Something with...eight legs!

Now, it got me to wondering what the heck that little guy was doing in my salt shaker.  What drew him in?  How did he even squeeze through those tiny holes in the top?  Was he terribly hungry or thirsty?

So after talking him into saying "cheese" for the camera, I took him to the back yard, convinced him to crawl on a butter knife, and set him free in the grass.  Wondering what I did with the salt?  I threw it out of course.  I'm apt to be paranoid and I know there was some spider poo in there for sure!

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