Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things Bubble Up

Ruh-roh, Kali might have found a new art addiction.  You see, I spent many, many hours over the holiday weekend volunteering on a mosaic project.  It's all hearts, flowers, butterflies, and such...totally right up my alley.  But here's the problem.  We're in the process of redoing our counter tops and back splashes and I'm feeling the creative juices a burbling. 

Me:  "Let's do them all flowery and colorful!"

Dave:  "Let's do them in a way that will make someone want to buy this house someday."

Okay, okay...I suppose he has a point...and I already make him sleep in a purple bedroom every night.  But, gosh, the magic mosaic powers are bound to bubble up sooner than later.  Better watch out, Dave...you might find yourself lifting a ladybug covered toilet seat in the near future!

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