Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's all a Matter of Placement

I hear a lot of people say they "hate" shopping.  OK, so I'm no big fan of bikini shopping or anything like that, but just plain old regular shopping for necessities...well, I rather like it.

This morning when I was a grocery store I wandered my way to the health food aisle and found myself scanning the shelves for my beloved chia seeds.  My eyes swept side to side, upward, upward, and then to the very tippy top.  Aha!  There they were!  I reached up and there was no way, not a chance, that I could get a hold of it.  I stood there, perplexed, contemplating the strength of the lower shelves and the possibility that they'd support me climbing them. 

I lowered my head, momentarily defeated, but decidedly not beaten.  And then I noticed that across the bottom few rows of shelves there was container after container of muscle building formulas.  Now why, oh, why do they put he-man muscle products on the bottom shelf and sweet little hippie chick products on the tippy top?  Sigh....

And then this tall, bean pole of a man turned down my aisle.

Me:  "Will you please be tall for me and get that?"

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