Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easy like Sunday Morning

Sometimes it's absolutely wonderful to take it easy, to choose the slow route, to intentionally let things "get in your way".  I woke up first this morning, as always, and did my puttering and my version of working out, and then I headed out to do some grocery shopping...all before 8:00 AM.  I know it seems like I was getting a jump on things, working some sort of "get 'er done" routine, but quite the contrary.  I was in some major slow-mo, take 'er easy mood.  I drove there about ten miles an hour under the speed limit the whole way (yes, I am that lady Prius driver you tend to raise your fist at in traffic) and not one car felt the need to pass me...not once.  I parked way out in the parking lot and took a leisurely stroll in, got my cart and promptly found myself directly behind a sweet little old lady who took each and every step gingerly and with such care.  I had found my leader...and behind her I stayed, and loved every slow moment of it.

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