Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit at my house.  And I do mean "creatures".  Our night time routine goes pretty much like this.  I go to bed...I'm always the first.  Then the dogs come into our bedroom and lie down.  Then the cat comes in and jumps on the bed.  Then Dave comes in and gets in bed.  And then I fall asleep.

...and then I wake up right away because I have to pee.  (This is not an aspect of my life that is improving with age, by the way.)  So I get up, stumble to the bathroom, carefully dodging eight long  legs and two very large furry bodies, do my business, and repeat the process on the way back to bed.

Dave:  "It's a dogstacle course."

The dude nailed it!

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