Monday, May 13, 2013

Travelin' Partner

So I met a little fella the other day. I was driving in my car, and all of a sudden he was there! And by "there" I mean dangling from a thread from my dome light, just a few inches from my right temple. Now, I'm 46 and am rockin' some awesome bifocals and this guy was too close for even me to see clearly. I did my old lady head dip, looked over the top of my glasses, and took in the most adorable little orange spider ever! So like this we cruised on, him bobbing up and down, me avoiding leaning at all so as not to encroach on his space thus causing him to take a lovely hike on my head. Upon arriving home I grasped his single-strand webbing, gave it a wee bit of a shake (did you know spiders act like yo-yos when you do that?), got out of the car, and looped his web on the top of our chain link fence. And off he went.

Nice travelin' with you, little dude!

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