Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can I get a witness?

Dave and I up and revised our wills today.  It had been years and we were definitely due.  So...after getting them all in good shape I pursued a notary.  And, being me, of course I wanted one right here in the hood so I wouldn't have to go out of my little travel comfort zone.  My dad has lovingly told me I'm spoiled by my ability to avoid commuting anywhere...yes, I'm even employed right here in the ol' neighborhood.  I say I'm really lucky and I'm good at planning.

Anyway, I found a notary just mere blocks from our home.  It was the administrator of small assisted living facility.  Dave and I went right up to said facility, spent about five minutes looking for the front door (after coming upon two locked ones), and just yanked that door right on open.  AND THE ALARMS WENT OFF!!!!!!  There we were, covering our ears, surrounded by a sweet little group of elderly men and women, who if they hadn't already lost much of their hearing were currently in the process of doing so, while staff ran over and turned off the alarm.  Yup, Dave and I had totally missed the big sign saying that people must announce their arrival by ringing a bell.  Oops!  Ah well, we do love to make an entrance, that's for sure.

So, after a million apologies we were lead back to the administrator who was absolutely delightful and kind.  She went through our wills, page by page, bit by bit, filling out all the necessary filling out parts.  Came time for us to present our IDs and Dave tapped his pockets and found they were empty.  Did some wily older gent snag it whilst we were distracted by the deafening alarm?  Nope, the dude had left it at home.  He apologized a thousand more times (it was quite a day for apologies) and dashed home.  Yup, my little travel comfort zone pays off!!  And, serious bonus, I got to know this precious woman, who also turned out to be my neighbor, a bit during Dave's absence.  (Yes, she, too, believes in a little travel comfort zone...seriously, people, it's the thing!)

The wonderful notary administrator called in three equally wonderful staffers who now and forever will serve as our witnesses...and yes, the witnesses were called for on the P.A. "Will the witnesses please come to my office."  We left there so very happy, adding to the very small notary fee a rather large donation for all their know, to support their staff party fund and all (and to compensate for all of our errors).

P.S. While writing wills is no fun (I've done a few over the years), having them all wrapped up and finished is totally awesome.  Do'll make ya feel good, make your friends beneficiaries like ya.

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