Monday, May 27, 2013


Sometimes you just happen to notice that there's something you do that is wackbirds compared to everyone else.  Happened to me the other night.  I was sitting at my little guy's last middle school band concert (ever!) and I was tapping my foot right along with the music.  I didn't even realize I was doing it until my wonderful mother-in-law pointed out that all the kids who were listening were also tapping their feet.  That was all well and good until I looked at my foot, looked at their feet, and then back to my own.  What the heck?  They were ALL tapping their right feet.  Me?  Well, my left foot was going up and down like crazy. 

I scanned around the room where their shoes met the floor looking for someone like me.  And, by golly, I found one!  And it was my kid!  At first I had all this genetic pride going...DANG...I've got some seriously strong genes.  And then I realized that it was likely just an instrument thing, you know, the bell of the french horn sits on the right thigh and all.  If we were to tap that right foot the mouthpiece would be jiggling all about.

My kid and I...just the's good to be wackbirds.

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