Friday, May 24, 2013

Goin' for a Ride

I can't do roller coasters.  Actually I've only done one ever, and it was when I was about fourteen, and it was a mini-roller coaster, and it scared the living tar out of me.  As an adult my reaction to (phobia about?) such things has gotten increasingly worse.  These days just watching a child swing or seeing someone spin around in an office chair sends my sense of inner balance reeling.!

But, hey, a girl still likes a thrill every once in a while, right?  So, given the opportunity to go on a go-cart track (yes, my family makes fun of me because not only do I use the brake pedal, I'm also always at the back of the pack) I always say "yes".  And if I get that urge during any particular evening I can get my entertainment right here in my home.  All I have to do is just walk into my eighteen-year-old's room, hover over him and ask mundane questions...

"So, whatcha up to?"
"Is that The Office that you're watching again?"
"How are you feeling today?"

...and he rises from his chair, picks me up, and carries me out of his room to the living room where he deposits me on the couch.


P.S.  Dave takes rides from the kid a few times a week, too.  Please don't let my kid know we like it...he's likely to stop just to spite us.

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