Friday, October 9, 2015

Feeling a Tiny Tad Frida

I've got an egg dilemma. Today I discovered that Phyllis had laid an egg way, WAY, up under our deck. I can see it. But I can't get it. We've had a bit of an egg shortage lately and I'm wondering if there are other eggs under there. And I must admit that I'm a bit terrified about the smell these potential eggs might create after a bunch of 90+ degree Texas days. I need fall weather and a long stick STAT!

As part of my art class we did a super quick study on creating faces. Here's mine. Below it are a couple of stages.

"Feeling a Tiny Tad Frida"

I sketched the face with a pencil.

I used white acrylic to go over my sketch.
The graphite blended with the paint. On my
finished painting I used a bit of black acrylic
as well to get the darks.
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  1. Really nice, Kali! Looks like you're getting a lot out of your class. Thanks for sharing the progression photos

    1. Thank you! I was reluctant to share my process at first, but it's ben an incredible tool for me. I love looking back on how I did something before to give me guidance on my current paintings.