Saturday, October 10, 2015

Van Gogh's Postman - Part 1

Our sweet little cat, Tommy, has a variety of favorite places in our house. Whatever his mood, there's a perfect spot for him to be. Dave's desk chair, in the cloth napkin bin on the table, on or under any of our beds, under any of our beds, in the carport by the door, out back with the chickens, and my personal favorite, right under my easel. He's a fabulous painting buddy...and if a bit of paint or water falls on him he reacts with a blissful twitch and goes right back to sleep.

Tommy was "helping" me paint this morning and there's a pic of him below doing his best to support my artistic efforts.

I've started a new painting. I'm still working with Van Gogh as my inspiration.

I sketched with charcoal.

Tommy, my sweet little painting buddy.
This is one of his favorite places to hang out.

I painted with white acrylic which
blended with the charcoal to create gray.

I began laying down a layer of color.
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  1. We studied Van Gogh for an entire semester in school. When I first saw this painting, I thought the sitter was a ship's captain. He doesn't look like my mailman. Anyhow, I guess Van Gogh did a couple of this guy's portraits - saw one at the museum in Detroit. It was just awesome! You have good taste, Kali.

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    2. My mailman looks totally different from this, too. :-) Van Gogh painted a number of him. He also painted his entire family. Word is that the wife of the postman was a bit creeped out by Van Gogh and didn't feel very comfortable being alone with him. I imagine that Van Gogh could be rather off putting at times. Mad skills as a painter, though, for sure!