Monday, October 12, 2015

Van Gogh's Postman - Part 3

When I got home from work today I sat on the couch and chatted with Dave and the kiddo. Hazel, our awesome, 85 pounds of pure love dog, stared at me from my little guy's lap. They were both on the recliner about six feet away. Hazel could contain herself no longer and leapt off of the chair and ran over to say, "hi". I pet her, rubbed her ears, scratched her back, gave her hugs, and told my little guy that she'd had her fill and he could call her back to his lap.

Little guy: "Hazel, come here!"

She started to walk over there, turned around, came back to me, jumped on the couch, and lay down all snuggled up beside me. I guess my one minute doggy love session was simply not enough. 

And so one minute turned into five minutes which turned into a trip to the bedroom for a twenty minute snuggly power nap. Love that big girl of mine!

I finished this painting. What fun it was to paint in Van Gogh's style (or at least my version of his amazing style).  I learned so, so much.

"Van Gogh's Postman"

I used white paint to lay out where I wanted
the flowers on the wallpaper to be.
I also lowered his shoulders. Did ya notice?

I started adding color to the flowers.

I finished the flowers, added stems, and
added a bit of brown in the parts between the
flowers. I worked on his eyes a bit between
this picture and the final photo of the finished piece.
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  1. Another one that was worth the wait!! Love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Chris!!! I was so inspired as I painted it. Such a wonderful experience. I was going to email you...when you have a chance, will you send me your top 5 blog that you love to read? I'm looking for additional inspiration. I so love reading yours and am very excited every time I get an email notification that you've posted. Thanks!!!

    2. Aw, thanks, Kali. I've got tons of favorites, but will look for those that help inspire me.