Sunday, October 11, 2015

Van Gogh's Postman - Part 2

I'm absolutely convinced that the electricity usage in Austin, Texas could be cut by at least a quarter if grocery stores didn't keep their thermostats so darn low. I'm also somehow convinced that someday I'll remember that this is always the case and I should, by now, always be prepared. Yet....

Me (after having shopped at Randall's and then at Costco in cut-offs and a tank top...including going in the sub-zero produce room): "Oh, my gosh, I'm so cold. I can't wait to get outside again."

Costco receipt checking lady: "I know. I have to take a light jacket with me wherever I go."

Me: "Yeah, I'm forty-eight and I still haven't learned that."

Costco receipt checking lady: "You're young. You still have plenty of time."

Well, that's good, because I'm clearly not a quick study in this area.

I continued working on this painting. It was so exciting getting to start the layering of patterns!

I painted the background with a mix
of green and turquoise. (Sorry, I think
I didn't use flash with this one.)

I added details to his hat and jacket.

I started the first layers of patterning on his
face. He reminds me of a tiger at this point. :-)

I continued adding layers. I used five different
colors on his face. I added color to his lips and
details to his eyes and eyebrows.

I added more of a reddish color to his face
and started the first couple of pattern
layers on his fabulous beard. 
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