Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quick Sketch, Van Gogh Style

I've painted portraits of both of my children. Then this happened.

Little guy: "I think the one of me is better."

Me: "You do? Why?"

Little guy: "You had better material to work with."

Well, good to know my sweet kiddo's ego is intact.

As part of the art class I'm taking I did a sketch...Van Gogh style. I used ink which, it turns out, is most unforgiving. I'm so used to being able to just paint over something I don't like, so I had to just relax my way through this and accept anything I didn't care for. In spite of that I really, really enjoyed doing it. And check out all those patterns I was talking about in yesterday's blog! Love it!

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  1. Ink is scary, but this is really nice!!

    1. Thanks! I love taking classes and pushing my comfort zone.