Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stepping into Frida's Mind - Part 1

I'm the mom of a high school football player. As such I find myself watching a sport that I'd never in a million years intentionally lay eyes on. Mind you I only watch the game when he's on the field. And by watch, I mean peer through my fingers, wince, and cross my fingers and toes that he doesn't get hurt, all the while aware that I am utterly and completely clueless about any rules of the game.

I talked with my little guy after his last game.

Me: "I was watching you play and I realized that all of you on the field actually want to play."

Little guy: "Uh, yeah, mom."

Me: "Whenever I got on the field when I was a kid I spent my whole time hoping that the ball (or whatever) never, ever headed my way. You're not like that at all."

Little guy: "When were you on the field?"

Me: "In P.E. class."

Little guy: "That wasn't a choice, mom. Everyone on the football team is choosing to be there because we all want to play."

Me: "Oh...."

I think I get it, sort of. I guess it's like how I absolutely love creating art each and every day and my kid hated creating art in the art class he had to take at school. Choice is an awesome thing.

I started a new painting. In the class I'm taking we're now studying Frida Kahlo. I am so excited! I find her absolutely fascinating. Excited to make an attempt at stepping into her painting mind.

I quickly sketched "Thinking About Death".

I added more details and worked on lowering
her left eye so they'd be more even as they
were in the original painting.

I roughed in the background. I'm so excited
to start painting this!
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