Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Many Layers of Frida - Part 4

It's been a lovely rainy morning in Austin, Texas. I opened the windows, made some tea (over and over), and painted to my heart's delight. Just outside the window by my easel, a sweet little squirrel was on a mission. He ran to right below the window sill, grabbed something, an then dashed out in the rain to a bush. He did it over and over and over. I suspect that precious little guy is fully stocked up for winter by now. Hope he remembers where he buried his goodies when the time comes.

I was able to finish this painting this morning. I think I finally found the whimsy I was looking for when I started this project. It dove into a deeper level than I'd expected, but this morning I found myself returning to the bright colors and fantastical land that I find so appealing. And having completed this wonderful taster for the year-long class I was considering, I've decided that I will definitely be signing up for it. I'm so excited to start in January!

Here is the finished painting and below are a number of stages leading up to it.

"The Many Layers of Frida"

I painted the hanging ornaments and added
white accents to the thorns.

I added a reflection to the ornaments, darkened
the canvas on the left of her cape, and added
some whimsical dots to the side of her neck and head.

This shows the dots, the writing on her chest/neck
and that she is, in fact, smiling. When I look at the
photos of the painting as a whole it's hard for me
to see that expression on her face...but there it is!

I added more whimsical dots and some flowers
at the bottom of her cape. The flowers and dots
are reminiscent of my early art work. Fun!
I also added more yellow here and there.

I outlined the flowers and leaves with white.

I added stars. I kept staring at this piece knowing
it was missing something and the stars were it!
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    1. Oh, thank you, thank you! I'm excited to do more of this sort of thing come January! xoxo