Thursday, October 15, 2015

Untitled - Part 3

I think I must be pretty happy to please. Oh, and maybe a bit easy to displease as well. Today I called our dentist, the one we've used for over fifteen years, hoping to get an teeth cleaning appointment sometime before the end of the year. Well, gosh, nope. Nothing till February at the earliest. Yes, I was disappointed. But after I got home I remembered that a dentist, who has been receiving rave reviews from neighbors, had moved into the hood right near my house. Well, I called them and they fit me in early next month. I was so, so excited!

Course now I'm remembering that I have a dentist phobia...but I'm planning on having my excitement last all the way through to the end of the appointment. It's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

I continued working on this painting. I'm so glad I wasn't using a live model. It would have been way too many days sitting prim and proper. And she remains nameless. Hmmmmmmmm....

I added a layer of flesh tone.

I went back in with charcoal and added some details
to get me started with the next part of painting.

I blended the paint with the charcoal to make
darker tones. I worked a bit on the chair that
she's sitting on. I also tried a color for her
hair...I'm not digging it. I think it needs to be darker.
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