Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stepping into Frida's Mind...Beauty, Strength, Pain, and Joy - Part 4

It was an incredible experience painting this. Part of the painting process was learning about Frida's life both before and after her accident. I think that with more than any other painting I've done I felt compelled to do her justice. To show her beauty, strength, pain, and joy. During the process of painting her I noticed that she started as a young Frida and with layer upon layer I embedded her life experiences. Makes me think of the lines and shadows on my own face and the stories they contain within them. I looked at my reflection this evening and honored my own experiences...the beauty, strength, pain, and joy.

Here is my finished piece. And, yes, I added to the name of this painting. It's a painter's prerogative.

"Stepping into Frida's Mind...Beauty, Strength, Pain, and Joy"

And here are the last few stages.

I decided that her lips needed a redo. They
were too close to her nose. I also did
some work on her right eye.

I redid her lips, added yellow to her dress,
and began working on the details of her ear.

I painted in the circle on her forehead. It's
a scene with a skull. Frida's painting is titled
"Thinking about Death".

I worked on the tones of her face
and lowered her chin.
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